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4th February 2019

Weather here is quite chilly at them moment and  although I am finding plenty to do indoors, Ian continues to work outside, as much as he can whatever the weather and still in his shorts!!

Despite the fact that the lake is frozen today we are now beginning the process of draining some water from the lake to take a look at the stock and remove any nuisance fish and snags that we find. Fingers crossed all goes well. 

The refurb of the kitchen is now almost complete, following a trip to England to pick up supplies and we only had to survive for a few days on microwave food. This was the final big project for us in the house but I'm sure we'll find other jobs to keep us amused.

Bookings are going well for this year and we have only 2 weeks left during school holidays but still some space for those lucky enough to be able to avoid these periods!!

Stay warm everyone