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January 2020

Happy new/bonne annee to everyone.

Lots of frosty starts here followed by bright sunny days so far this month which gives us the chance t get outside for a few hours.

We've added to our bird collection with 2 indian runner ducks who are very funny to watch, also a pair of young Brahma chickens who are already huge but can apparently grow up to 70cms tall!!

No more paying for bivvies here as we are now in process of building wooden huts on the main swims. These are big enough to sleep in and store your gear plus they provide shelter from the weather when needed. The first is already completed and the others will be finished ready for the spring.

Enquiries and bookings for 2020 are starting to flow in now so get in touch if you have a date in mind, as we hope for another busy season

Hope to see you soon